Past Informs the Present

Things are not always what they seem. And, for better or for worse, history tends to repeat itself.

I’m a big fan of historical dramas. Namely, stories centered around British royal families. As a certified history and English teacher, I suppose that’s true to form.

Since this pandemic began in March, I’ve gone from watching The White Queen, The White Princess, The Spanish Princess, The Tudors, to now, The Crown.

(With only a slight deviation when watching The Borgias.)

Between watching shows, teaching history, and obsessing over assorted readings about British history, there‘s one major thing I’ve learned: As much as times change, much stays the same. Because human nature is the one constant element in this ongoing experiment.

And, as dictated by human nature, those with power and privilege are often not what they appear to be. Underneath the polished image, there can be greed, corruption, power struggles, deception, and a whole host of other things that distort the character of true leadership. 

Like an apple, what can appear good on the outside might actually be rotten at its core. And sometimes, an ugly or bruised apple can still be added in a recipe that produces the most delicious pie. 

In short, while it may look like someone or something is working for our better interests, look a little harder. Just to be sure.

Because past informs the present. And right now, we can’t afford to forget that.

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